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Lindsey  Vance



As a survivor of many tests and trials I pour my soul into my art. Documenting my testament is a tribute to my faith and my character. Through my work, I strive to invoke curiosity and reflection about life's tribulations and blessings. Through various mediums and some unconventional methods I use my art to heal, to express, and to give back. In this virtual sketchbook you will find my paintings, prints, photos and a piece of my soul.


l am Lindsey Denise Vance, hailing from Beloit, WI . I attended high school in Edina, MN as a scholar in the A Better Chance Foundation. I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with dual bachelor degrees in Psychology and Studio Art.  I recieved my Masters in Art Therapy from The George Washington University. As an Art Therapist, I am constantly searching for the interconnection of art, soul, and mind. My passion is working with children and promoting resilience. My focus was trauma-informed care with inner city trauma survivors. 

Art has been a healing experience for me and the majority of my work is a reflection of that which I have gone through. I enjoy helping others and sharing my art with them. This space is dedicated to sharing my art with the world. I welcome any opinions, feedback, constructive critism and enjoyment! Please browse the site and remember that my art comes from the soul and is a reflection of my soul.

"This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true." John 21:24

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